A 12-week accelerator program that aims to advance early-stage companies looking to reshape the future of healthcare. 

Join us on Nov. 30th for our final IMPACT


IMPACT Pitch-Off Cycle 3 Recap

What is IMPACT?

IMPACT is a 12-week accelerator program that uses a unique 1:1 approach and is created to connect startups with resources needed for commercialization. Selected companies will have the opportunity to engage with our corporate sponsors.

For Cycle 4 of the IMPACT Accelerator program, we are working with Johnson & Johnson Innovation.

Johnson & Johnson Innovation Areas of Interest:

• Wound Closure & Healing

• Reduction /Prevention of post-surgical complications – infection, blood loss

• Surgical closure devices – suture, stapling

• Intervention oncology

• Robotics and intra-operative imaging

• Energy-related surgical devices

How our past members feel about the IMPACT program.

The content of the live events was excellent, and the support and encouragement offered by M2D2’s leadership team was exceptional."

Laura Owen, CEO & Founder of HealthyID

The IMPACT team assisted with key introductions to investors and strategic partners."

Gitte Pederson, CEO & Co-founder of Genomic Expression

We were thrilled to be accepted into the program, and our expectations were only exceeded."

Ben Merewitz, CEO & Co-founder of Agile Devices

The accelerator had a positive impact on Avisi and we highly recommend it to other startups like us.”

Rui Jing Jiang, CEO & Co-founder of Avisi

We would recommend the IMPACT program to any startup willing to learn and advance their company to the next level.”

Bryan Nolan, CEO & Founder of myBiometry

I cannot recommend M2D2 IMPACT enough.”

Casey Grage, CEO & Founder of Hubly Surgical

IMPACT Video Testimonial

Learn about the IMPACT experience first-hand from alumni Hubly Surgical and their CEO Casey Grage.


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