$200K Challenge Sponsor
Areas of Interest

Many of the Challenge Sponsors have specific areas of need, which we've outlined below.  Historically, entries that effectively answer these areas of need increase their chances of  being chosen as Finalists.  


• Particular attention will be given to novel solutions to address unmet needs for women’s health

• Drug delivery and manufacturing technologies that enable multiple new therapeutics and optimizes the patient experience (ex. advanced assembly of multi-specifics)
• Innovative digital and/or automated technologies to support life science operations:
          o automation, miniaturization, & high-throughput
          o data collection, utilization, & management

•   Novel vascular diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices
•   Novel endoscopic-related diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices

• Repurpose existing therapeutics as MCMs against chemical threats (cyanide, opioids, nerve agents, chlorine, sulfur mustard, etc.).
• Novel platform technologies and instrumentation for on-demand detection of multiple biochemical health markers
• Digital health diagnostic tools that can augment existing medical countermeasures against health security threats
• Therapies aimed at fortifying and restoring balance to the body’s defense mechanisms with a preference for multiplexed biochemical assays
• Novel technologies to sustain healthy oxygenation levels in ARDS patients
• Development of On Demand Vaccine Manufacturing technologies/systems for distributed vaccine production at or near the point-of-service, with a particular focus on nucleic acid-based vaccines
• Host-based diagnostics
• Repurposing existing FDA-approved and late-stage development therapeutics as potential MCMs for radiological and nuclear events

• Devices intended to simplify and improve therapeutic procedures in the women’s health space, filling treatment gaps and advancing patient care. Areas of interest include:
     • GYN transvaginal procedures, such as:
          o Tubal obstruction (HSG, selective HSG)
          o Biopsy collection
          o Vaginal Surgery
     • GYN Laparoscopic surgery
     • Pelvic organ prolapse
     • Pelvic/bladder health 
     • Contraception (non-hormonal)
     • Fertility
     • OR equipment management

• 3D Printing
• AFib
• Cardiovascular
• Digital Surgery
• Neurovascular
• Oncology
• Obesity
• Osteoarthritis
• Osteoporosis
• Sensor technologies
• Surgery
• Vision Care

Novo Nordisk

Therapeutic interests:
     • Diabetes
     • Obesity
     • Cardiovascular disease
     • Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH)
     • Chronic Kidney Disease 
     • Rare Blood Disorders
     • Rare Growth Disorders
Technology interests:
     • Disease agnostic innovative technology or biology approaches with potential to identify novel drug targets and/or drug modalities.
     • Drug modalities enabling transient and permanent gene modulation and editing
     • Tissue and cell type specific targeting of biologics, RNA therapeutics and Gene Editors
     • Devices and Delivery solutions (incl. alternative and sustained release solutions)
     • Digital Health solutions
     • Computational, AI/ML approaches to drug design and drug discovery
     • Translational approaches for drug discovery and development, incl. new biomarkers
     • Biologics production and upscale
     • High throughput screening approaches and automation
     • Stem Cell Therapies 

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