Cohort 1 of the IMPACT Accelerator

Hubly Surgical

Hubly Surgical is a cranial and orthopedic platform drilling solution that aims to improve patient outcomes and quality of care.

Agile Devices

Agile Devices is commercializing a microcatheter technology with transformational tip control.


myBiometry combines novel at-home Dx technologies, digital health, machine learning and clinical services to create a comprehensive solution for asthma.

Breathe Biomedical

Breathe BioMedical has developed a technology platform that screens for disease through a simple breath test.


Meacor has developed a novel catheter-based anchoring device that would replicate the open-heart standard of care for mitral and tricuspid valve repair.


VisiPlate is a nanotechnology-enabled ocular implant designed to transform the clinical strategy used for patients suffering from Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (POAG).

Pacify Medical

Pacify Medical is developing the skin spray gun, a portal surgical device for skin transplantation using autologous skin for the regeneration of the wound. 


Borealis is developing the CHILL Catheter, a cooling catheter that is left within the hematoma cavity following ICH evacuation.


Medicsen is creating a needle-free Smartpatch for painless drug delivery based on Sonophroresis (Ultrasound).

Parrots, Inc. 

Parrots Inc. has built "Polly" which is an inclusive platform using AI and ML to give a smart voice and telecare to people with neurological disorders.