Cycle 5 Cohort of the IMPACT Accelerator

KAT Innovation

OSTAAT™ is a bone growth device designed to prevent or accelerate healing of hip fractures in people having osteoporosis with or without chronic renal failure.

BrilliantStrings Therapeutics

BrilliantStrings Therapeutics is developing transformative, direct protein therapies to accelerate the healing of soft connective tissues.’s wearable technology enables noninvasive capture of joint and muscle loading for use in optimizing sports performance and enhancing recovery.

911 Medical Devices

911MD wearable platform is a; novel bandage, a thermal therapeutic dressing, and provides for diagnostic and imaging functionality.


ActivArmor is launching a digital fabrication system that utilizes the latest 3D scanning and printing technologies with an AI-driven design software to provide patient-specific, custom-fitted casts and splints in waterproof, sanitizable plastics, that allow people to live their active lifestyles while healing.

Grace and Able

Grace & Able make joint support that people want to wear: supportive, comfy and stylish. Hand Therapist Designed, Arthritis Patient Approved.

Sonogen Medical, Inc.

Sonogen is commercializing an ultrasonic device that delivers optimized bone fracture healing and real-time fracture healing diagnostics.


BonePixel is leveraging existing clinical data for personalized diagnosis and treatment planning of joint injuries using AI and 3D simulation.

OrthoKinetic Track

OrthoKinetic Track is improving Digital Orthopaedic Care using Smart and Connected Sensor System for Tracking Muscle Activity and Joint Kinematics.


Nanochon is commercializing the Chondrograft(TM) implant for treating arthritic cartilage damage in the knee. The device uses a novel nano-polymer and 3D printing to guide real cartilage growth.