Cycle 4 Cohort of the IMPACT Accelerator, sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Innovation

Adiuvo Diagnostics

Illuminate® is a novel imaging device that combines optics, electronics and AI to aid in rapid label free wound bioburden assessment and monitoring to bring down the rate of amputation and improve antibiotic stewardship.

Amsel Medical

Amsel offers an innovative approach to current occlusion, stapling, and suturing methods overcoming key inherent limitations.  The SCureClamp interdigitation mechanical tissue clamping attaches tissue in a minimally invasive atraumatic manner.

Bioprex Medical

Bioprex Medical develops a fixed antimicrobial coating technology for medical devices aimed at reducing medical device associated infections.


bTECH’s patent-pending Halcyon SMART Patch (HSP) uses far infrared wavelengths beneath the surface of the skin to promote rapid tissue healing and strengthening.


Gel4Med is an early-stage regenerative medicine company focused on developing our Therapeutic Materials Platform to address unmet clinical needs in soft tissue regeneration.

Hero Medical Technologies

Hero Medical Technologies is developing wearables & data-driven solutions to expedite the care of head injury and other trauma patients throughout the patient journey.

Inochi Care

Inochi Care has technology based solutions for advance wound care and management

Limax Biosciences

Limax Biosciences is developing a strong and flexible hydrogel adhesive for wounds inside and outside the body.

Novaurum Biosciences

Novaurum Biosciences is developing NanoTech cell-based coatings to prevent infections associated with medical devices.

O2 RegenTech

O2 RegenTech is commercializing cost-effective, easy-to-use wound care solutions based on novel oxygenating biopolymer technology.

ParaNano Wound Care

ParaNano Would Care is a  pre-clinical trial company from Oklahoma City, OK developing a platform medical device for wound care: The Nanosheet™ Biosensor.


Theromics has developed a biopolymer gel to make Image-Guided Thermal Ablation a better cancer treatment by augmenting the transfer of thermal energy in human tissue.