IMPACT Accelerator Alumni

Bowen Therapeutics, Inc.

Bowen Therapeutics is engaged in developing proteins and antibodies to be used as diagnostics or therapeutics to fight against infectious diseases and cancer.

Cognita Labs

Cognita Labs is a respiratory devices innovator that has developed and received FDA clearances for two breakthrough device innovations for pulmonary assessment and medication management.


Gel4Med is an early stage regenerative medicine company focused on developing our Therapeutic Materials Platform to address unmet clinical needs in soft tissue regeneration.

Leuko Labs

Leuko, the first noninvasive white blood cell monitoring device, working to improve quality of life and outcomes for cancer patients on chemotherapy.


LivOnyx is developing a rapid, fully automated hand sanitization system to reduce the spread of resistant bacteria, viruses, Clostridioides difficile spores and more, using its patented thinSpray technology and antiseptic, LVNX- 001.

RegenX LLC

RegenX LLC is developing a novel collagen technology that can be applied to a variety of dermatology and wound care applications.

Versatope Therapeutics

Versatope is a biotechnology company harnessing its proprietary probiotic extracellular vesicle platform to develop first in class therapeutics for infectious disease and pan-strain influenza and coronavirus vaccines.


Yocto is using an AI-enabled optical platform for molecular profiling/diagnostics, that can detect infectious pathogens and has the potential to detect cancer cells and help in the administration of personalized treatment.

Young BioPharma

Young BioPharma is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing revolutionary therapies that restore function and improve the lives of people with pain, other neurological disorders and cancer.

Hubly Surgical

Hubly Surgical is a cranial and orthopedic platform drilling solution that aims to improve patient outcomes and quality of care.

Agile Devices

Agile Devices is commercializing a microcatheter technology with transformational tip control.


myBiometry combines novel at-home Dx technologies, digital health, machine learning and clinical services to create a comprehensive solution for asthma.

Breathe Biomedical

Breathe BioMedical has developed a technology platform that screens for disease through a simple breath test.


Meacor has developed a novel catheter-based anchoring device that would replicate the open-heart standard of care for mitral and tricuspid valve repair.


VisiPlate is a nanotechnology-enabled ocular implant designed to transform the clinical strategy used for patients suffering from Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (POAG).

Pacify Medical

Pacify Medical is developing the skin spray gun, a portal surgical device for skin transplantation using autologous skin for the regeneration of the wound.


Borealis is developing the CHILL Catheter, a cooling catheter that is left within the hematoma cavity following ICH evacuation.


Medicsen is creating a needle-free Smartpatch for painless drug delivery based on Sonophoresis (Ultrasound).

Parrots, Inc.

Parrots Inc. has built "Polly" which is an inclusive platform using AI and ML to give a smart voice and telecare to people with neurological disorders.

Aidar Health

Aidar Health offers an FDA-cleared remote monitoring device, MouthLab, that measures 10+ vitals in just 60s for early disease prediction.


bTECH’s patent-pending Halcyon SMART Patch (HSP) uses far infrared wavelengths beneath the surface of the skin to promote rapid tissue healing and strengthening.

Genomic Expression

Genomic xpression is developing an RNA platform for Next Generation Cures to better detect disease, monitor health, and design the Next Generation Cures.

Healthy ID

The HealthyID inflammation test informs people of their inflammation levels to support the prevention (or reversal) of chronic illness, with a proprietary “score.”


InnoTech’s unique technology will revolutionize the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry by allowing for better, faster, and more cost-effective detection of multiple classes of disease biomarkers in one test.

O2 RegenTech

O2 RegenTech is commercializing cost-effective, easy-to-use wound care solutions based on novel oxygenating biopolymer technology.


OmniVis makes devices to rapidly detect dangerous pathogens, in under 30 minutes, anywhere in the world.

Qanik DX

Qanik DX is developing a novel diagnostic point-of-care technology platform delivering fast, early, accurate and low-cost results anytime, anywhere. Their first use case is Sars-Cov-2 detection.

Resilient Biotics

Resilient Biotics is developing breakthrough aerosol-delivered microbiome therapeutics to prevent viral and bacterial respiratory infectious diseases..

Respira Labs

Respira Labs is developing an AI-driven SaaS platform to enable 120M+ respiratory patients in the US, to be continuously monitored without having to perform lengthy and difficult hospital-based pulmonary tests, anywhere.


A Women’s Healthcare company with an evolutionary intrauterine device (IUD) for contraception to address the ‘fear factor’ and pain of current IUDs... with no strings attached!

Augment Health

Building a smart, non-invasive bladder fullness monitor to improve care for people with neurological conditions.


Mines microbes using its platform technology to engineer novel biosensors to address unmet diagnostic needs.


Providing platform technology, diaPatchTM, a noninvasive diagnostic patch designed for the early detection of gynecologic malignancies.

Cx Therapeutics

Developing a medical device to reduce preterm birth and improve outcomes for pregnant women with cervical insufficiency.


Dedicated to providing fast, sensitive, and reliable solutions for Antiphospholipid Syndrome including diagnostic tests.

Nesa Medtech

Transforming women’s health by developing a novel incision-less, safe, effective, and uterus preserving technology to treat uterine fibroids.

Nirami Health Analytix

Building a novel software-based medical device to detect breast cancer at a much earlier stage than traditional methods or self-examination.


Combines transcriptomics analysis with AI to derive biosignature for the development of a molecular diagnostic (IVD) product to detect endometriosis.

Selectivity Life

First at-home intrauterine insemination device. Enhancing access to fertility treatments.

Adiuvo Diagnostics

First ever comprehensive wound assessment device to detect and classify bioburden, tissue vascularity and wound analytics to bring down the rate of amputation and improve antibiotic stewardship

Amsel Medical

Commercializing needle delivered, minimally invasive percutaneous, laparoscopic, and robotic occlusion devices for blood vessels, ducts, and tubular structures.

Bioprex Medical

Developing a fixed antimicrobial coating technology for medical devices aimed at reducing medical device associated infections.

Hero Medical Technologies

Wearables & data-driven solutions to expedite the care of head injury and other trauma patients throughout the patient journey.

Inochi Care

Technology based solutions for advance wound care and management.

Limax Biosciences

Recreated nature’s toughest glue to transform treatments for injuries inside and outside the body.

Novaurum Biosciences

Coatings for orthopedic implantable devices.

ParaNano Wound Care

Developing a platform medical device for wound care -The Nanosheet™ Biosensor.


Developed a biopolymer gel to make image-guided thermal ablation a better cancer treatment by augmenting the transfer of thermal energy in human tissue.

911 Medical Devices

A wearable platform that is a novel bandage, a thermal therapeutic dressing, and provides for diagnostic and imaging functionality.


A digital fabrication system that utilizes the latest 3D scanning and printing technologies with an AI-driven design software to provide patient-specific, custom-fitted casts and splints in waterproof, sanitizable plastics.


Leveraging existing clinical data for personalized diagnosis and treatment planning of joint injuries using AI and 3D simulation.

BrilliantStrings Therapeutics

Developing transformative, direct protein therapies to accelerate the healing of soft connective tissues.

Grace and Able

Making joint support that people want to wear: supportive, comfy and stylish. Hand Therapist Designed, Arthritis Patient Approved.


A wearable technology enables noninvasive capture of joint and muscle loading for use in optimizing sports performance and enhancing recovery.

Kat Innovation

OSTAAT™ is a bone growth device designed to prevent or accelerate healing of hip fractures in people having osteoporosis with or without chronic renal failure.


Commercializing the Chondrograft(TM) implant for treating arthritic cartilage damage in the knee. The device uses a novel nano-polymer and 3D printing to guide real cartilage growth.

OrthoKinetic Tract

Improving Digital Orthopaedic Care using Smart and Connected Sensor System for Tracking Muscle Activity and Joint Kinematics.

Sonogen Medical

Commercializing an ultrasonic device that delivers optimized bone fracture healing and real-time fracture healing diagnostics.

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